Follow-up Study of Dialects of Finnish

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Until November 2020, this corpus is available via the LAT platform in Kielipankki - the Language Bank of Finland (see Access location).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The LAT service of the Language Bank of Finland will be discontinued in November 2020, after which this corpus version can no longer be used. However, a downloadable version of the same content will be maintained (see Relations). Further details about the most recent version are available on the info page of this corpus family (

The follow-up study of Finnish dialects was started in 1989. It is a sociolinguistic and dialectological longitudinal study which is carried out in cooperation with the universities. The goal of the project has been to study the development of regional dialects in real time in 10 rural municipalities at the interval of 10 years. The municipalities chosen represent the traditional main dialect groups of Finnish. In each town, altogether 15 speakers have been used as informants. The external variables used in the study include age and sex: in each town, speakers of three generations have been studied (O = old, M = middle-aged, Y = young), both men and women. The data have been collected by using the traditional dialect interview method, and the study has focused on phonological and morphological features. Reports of ten sub-studies and a final report of the first round have been completed.

The second round of the project was started in 1999 and completed in 2007. Eight of the sub-studies have been completed, one of them as a form of the dissertation (Kurki 2005). During the second round, other types of data collected in addition to interviews. The part of the sub-studies focus on other than traditional sociolinguistic variables.

Important: due to the nature of the material, the resource should be handled with care in order to respect the privacy of the personal data. If samples of the data are published, they must be anonymized according to best practices.

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