Digisvenska Corpus - A learner language corpus based on the matriculation exam of Swedish, B syllabus

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Digisvenska-korpus – B-ruotsin ylioppilaskokeeseen perustuva oppijankielen korpus

Digisvenskakorpusen – En inlärarkorpus baserad på studentskrivningar i medellång svenska, B-svenska

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This resource contains answers to the matriculation exam in Swedish (B syllabus).

The corpus will be made available via Kielipankki – The Language Bank of Finland. For the time being, the corpus can only be accessed by the Digisvenska project team at the University of Helsinki, but when the preparation of the material has been completed, it will also be possible for other researchers to use the corpus. However, the material can only be used on a separate permission from the Matriculation Examination Board.

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