Corpus of Finnish Sign Language: conversations

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Suomalaisen viittomakielen korpus: keskusteluaineisto


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Until November 2020, this corpus is available via the LAT platform in Kielipankki - the Language Bank of Finland.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The LAT service of the Language Bank of Finland will be discontinued in November 2020, after which this corpus version can no longer be used. However, a downloadable version of the same content will be maintained (see Relations). Further details about the most recent version are available on the info page of this corpus family (

This subcorpus is part of the Corpus of Finnish Sign Language collected in the CFINSL project. The subcorpus comprises conversations from 18 Finnish Sign Language signers who belong to different age groups and live in different parts of Finland. The material covers four fixed tasks performed by the signers: introductions, discussing work/hobbies, discussing a topic related to the deaf world, and free discussion (e.g. on travel, sports).

The material consists of video files and the annotations of the videos in ELAN format as well as the metadata about the signers and the content and format of the videos. All of the video data (six camera angles) has been annotated for signs and translations.

Please note that the corpus contains personal data and you need to follow the appropriate guidelines in processing the material (see links under Documentation). You also need to apply for access via "Language Bank Rights" (see Documentation). Access to this corpus also gives you access to download the resource (see Relations).

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