Corpus of Finnish Sign Language

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Suomalaisen viittomakielen korpus


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Finnish Sign Language material collected in the CFINSL project. The material consists of video files and the annotations of the videos in ELAN format as well as the metadata about the signers and the content and format of the videos.

The material comprises conversations and elicited narratives from 21 Finnish Sign Language signers who belong to different age groups and live in different parts of Finland. The signers perform seven fixed tasks which are: 1) introductions, 2) discussing work/hobbies, 3) narrating about short cartoon strips, 4) narrating about a video, 5) narrating a story from a picture book The Snowman or Frog, Where are you?, 6) discussing a topic related to the deaf world, and 7) free discussion (e.g. on travel, sports). All of the video data (15,25 hours x six camera angles) has been annotated for signs and translations.

According to the tasks performed by the signers, the corpus has been divided into two subcorpora: one that contains the elicited narratives, and another that contains the conversations. Note that both subcorpora are also available for download. For information on the subcorpora, see Related resources.

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Suomalaisen viittomakielen materiaali, joka on kerätty projektissa CFINSL (Suomen viittomakielten korpukset). Materiaali sisältää videotiedostoja, niiden ELAN-ohjelmalla tuotettuja annotaatiotiedostoja ja metadataa viittojista sekä materiaalin sisällöstä ja muodosta.

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