The Word Notes of the Digital Morphology Archives

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Digitaalisen muoto-opin arkiston sanaliput


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The resource contains those word notes of the Digital Morphology Archives that are included in the Korp version of DMA,

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After gaining access rights via the Language Bank Rights ( you can find the Digital Morphology Archives in Korp ( by signing in with your HAKA- or eduGAIN credentials (choose "Log in" in the cogwheel menu in the upper right corner of Korp) and clicking then for performing searches in DMA, The Digital Morphology Archives. The link to the word note of each search result can be found at the bottom of the scroll bar on the right (see "Näytä sanalippu [RES]:").

Corpus location instructions: (in Finnish:

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Aineisto sisältää Digitaalisen muoto-opin arkiston ( sanalipuista ne, joiden aineistoa on dma-Korp-aineistossa (


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