The Russian Sub-corpus of ParFin 2016, Finnish-Russian Parallel Corpus of Literary Texts

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ParFin 2016 - suomi-venäjä kaunokirjallisten tekstien rinnakkaiskorpuksen venäjänkielinen osakorpus


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The sub-corpus is available in Kielipankki - the Language Bank of Finland in Korp (

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The sub-corpus contains the translations into Russian of Finnish literary texts from 1990-2010.

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For further details on the resource, please refer to the following publications:

Mikhailov Mikhail, Härme Juho. 2015. Parallelnyje korpusa hudožestvennyh tekstov v Tamperskom universitete. (=Parallel corpora of fiction texts at the University of Tampere). Russkij jazyk za rubežom. Utšebno-metoditšeskij illjustrirovannyj žurnal Spetsvypusk, 16-19.

Härme Juho and Mikhail Mikhailov. 2016. From Russian to Finnish and back: compiling Russian–Finnish–Russian parallel corpora. In Lubica Medvecká (ed.). Translation from / into languages of limited diffusion 3, The Slovak society of Translators of Scientific and Technical literature, Bratislava, 139–147.

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