The Finnish Sub-corpus of the Newspaper and Periodical Corpus of the National Library of Finland version 2, Korp

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Kansalliskirjaston sanoma- ja aikakauslehtikokoelman suomenkielinen osakorpus versio 2, Korp


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This resource is available via Korp in Kielipankki – the Language Bank of Finland.

The corpus consists of Finnish newspapers and magazines starting from 1771 up to 2021, compiled by the National Library of Finland.

For this new version, the data of the previous version (Finnish and Swedish) was checked with the HeLI-OTS language identifier. Parts of texts, which do not contain Finnish, were removed from this corpus. On the other hand, texts from the Swedish part of KLK, which contain Finnish, where added to this corpus.

The new version consists of text elements, where at least one sentence element was identified as being in Finnish, from these three sources:

- KLK-fi, version 1 (
- KLK-sv, version 1 (
- new data from the National Library (not previously available in the Language Bank, may cover any time period, just more recently OCR'd)

The text elements are enriched with a 'version_added' attribute, which identifies the source.

For a listing of the newspapers and magazines contained in this resource, please see the Documentation.

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