The Downloadable Version of Classics of English and American Literature as translated by Kersti Juva, English-Finnish parallel corpus, scrambled

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Englantilaisen ja amerikkalaisen kirjallisuuden klassikoita Kersti Juvan suomentamina, englanti-suomi-rinnakkaiskorpus, sekoitettu, ladattava versio


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The resource is available in Kielipankki - The Language Bank of Finland and contains the annotated VRT files of the following texts in English and Finnish with paragraphs scrambled:

Kersti Juva (transl.): Ylpeys ja ennakkoluulo, Teos, 2013 (Original work: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice)

Kersti Juva (transl.): Washingtonin aukio, Otava, 2003 (Original work: Henry James, Washington Square)

Kersti Juva (transl.): Kolea talo, Tammi, 2006 (Original work: Charles Dickens, Bleak House)

(There is also a download version that contains only the Finnish translations, not annotated, with paragraphs in the original order:

Parsing and annotation: Turku neural parser pipeline (commit f92605 in their old github repository) with language models en_ewt for English and and fi_tdt for Finnish (from Universal Dependencies v2.2 models from the CoNLL18 shared task

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  • Turku Neural Parser Pipeline