The Audio Recordings Archive of Oulu (ONA)

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Oulun nauhoitearkisto


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ONA (The Audio Recordings Archive of Oulu) stores both analogical and digital recordings. The recordings are samples of Finnish dialects, cultural history and modern colloquial language. The oldest recordings are from early 1950s and The Audio Recordings Archive of Oulu was originally founded in 1967. All the analogical recordings were digitized afterwards. Recordings were partly collected by students and partly by staff of Finnish Language. The archive contains over 7000 hours of material.

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The Dialect Archive of Oulu (MURRE) is the main collection of ONA and it contains over 3000 audio files of Finnish dialect recorded all over the country. It’s been collected by dozens of researchers over the years and a small part of it has also been transcribed. The earliest auditions are from 1950’s.

OKY (OULU KIELIYHTEISÖNÄ) Corpus contains about 150 files and nine hours of material collected all around the area of Oulu’s spoken language. The corpus has been recorded during the years 2007–2016. The speakers represent the native spoken language of this area and the corpus has been used widely in master theses but students have also collected some material as a part of their master’s degree.

PK (PUHEKIELI) Corpus consists of recordings from the language as it’s commonly spoken in different areas of Finland. This collection includes 2686 files and usually a file holds about an hour-long audition. The first recordings of the corpus were made during the year 1973. This data was collected for variationist sociololinquistic purposes.

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