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Automated speech transcription service and a user interface for transcription editing.

Tekstiks.ee is a public speech recognition service for Estonian and Finnish language. Editor and frontend for use with speech recognisers have been developed by the TalTech's Laboratory of Language Technology. TalTech's own Estonian ASR has been integrated into it, as has Kielipankki's ASR service, which uses speech recognition models developed at Aalto University. The system is fully automated and can process multiple files in parallel. The average processing time is about half of the recording's length.

If you use this system for research, please refer to the article below in your publications (available at here): Olev, Aivo; Alumäe, Tanel. "Estonian Speech Recognition and Transcription Editing Service". Baltic J. Modern Computing, Vol. 10 (2022), No. 3, pp. 409–421 https://doi.org/10.22364/bjmc.2022.10.3.14

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