Syslore Information Extraction Products

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Syslore Fuzzy Matching and OCR Products

About Syslore: Matching and recognizing address and other data with unmatched accuracy, speed and intelligence.

Syslore OCR

Syslore OCR is a high-performance address recognition system for letter and flat mail, designed to read
address and recipient data to the finest sorting depth in large-scale mail sorting environments.

Syslore OCRX

Syslore OCRX is a light, easy-to-deploy address reading system designed for smaller posts, private postal
companies and mailers to increase mail sorting automation and reduce operational costs.

Syslore Match

Syslore Match is a state-of-the-art, intelligent address lookup and identity resolution system for client
applications, handling address and recipient data in digital form.

Syslore Fuzzy Matching Engine

Syslore Fuzzy Matching Engine is the fastest and most accurate fuzzy matching engine in the world.
It is a data and application agnostic engine, designed to deliver exact matches in inexact structured
data with unmatched accuracy and minimal integration effort.

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