Finnish News Agency Archive 2022-2023, source

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STT:n uutisarkisto 2022-2023, lähdemateriaali


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This corpus is available for download in Kielipankki – The Language Bank of Finland.

The Finnish News Agency Archive corpus comprises newswire articles in Finnish sent to media outlets by the Finnish News Agency (STT) between 2022-2023. This corpus is an extension of the previous data set from 2019-2021 (see

Most of the material is news articles that vary from short “news flashes” to telegrams and longer articles. News articles are categorized by department (domestic, foreign, economy, politics, culture, entertainment and sports) as well as by metadata (IPTC subject categories or keywords and location data). The archive also includes other material STT has created or forwarded such as news planning lists, sports results, analysis articles and press releases.

The resource including the full texts are available for non-commercial research use based on a research plan.

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