Donate Speech Corpus: Multi-transcriber test data (1h)

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Lahjoita puhetta -aineisto: Usean litteroijan testidata (1h)


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This resource is available for download in Kielipankki - The Language Bank of Finland as part of "Donate Speech: Selected dataset",

The resource contains a 1-hour subset of speech from the Donate Speech Corpus. In this set, each recording was transcribed by four different transcribers. The multi-transcriber data was used for testing an ASR system at Aalto University.

The set contains speech from 57 different speakers (according to the metadata accompanying the original recordings).

For speech technology development purposes, this multi-transcriber test dataset can be used together with the puhelahjat-test-mtrs set that was extended by adding all recordings by the same speakers to the current puhelahjat-test-mtr dataset.

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