DigiTala: L2 Swedish data from adult language learners, spring 2023

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DigiTala: aikuisoppijoilta kerätty ruotsi toisena kielenä -aineisto, kevät 2023


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This resource is available in Kielipankki – the Language Bank of Finland.

This resource includes speech samples from L2 Finland Swedish speakers, transcripts, human ratings, the learners' responses to post-test surveys and the raters' responses to post-rating surveys. The data was collected by the DigiTala research project (2019–2023) during spring 2023 from adult learners of Swedish as a second language.

The main goal for DigiTala (2019–2023) research project is to develop a digital tool that uses automatic speech recognition and automatic scoring to assess L2 Finnish and Swedish learners' oral skills. The tool also provides automated feedback on learners' speaking performances. The purpose of the digital tool developed in the project is to make assessment of oral language skills possible in high-stakes language tests. Furthermore, students can practice their pronunciation and speech production in foreign languages independently outside the school or without the teacher’s guidance at language classes.

During the project, material was collected from upper secondary school students and university students learning Finnish as a second language. In addition to the resource described here and the data from spring 2021 (, the project made use of the speech material from Finnish and Swedish tests (see

The project is funded by the Academy of Finland 2019–2023, and combines expertise in speech and language processing, language education and phonetics at the University of Helsinki (grant number 322619), Aalto University (grant number 322625) and the University of Jyväskylä (grant number 322965). The current project builds on lessons learned during a pilot project, see DigiTala (2015–2017).

Authors of this resource:
Heini Kallio, Liisa Lotta Tarvainen, Anna von Zansen, Yaroslav Getman, Ragheb Al-Ghezi, Ekaterina Voskoboinik, Ari Huhta, Mikko Kuronen, Mikko Kurimo, Raili Hildén

The tasks, the surveys and the rating criteria are available via

For information about the Moodle plugin that was developed by IT students during the project, see von Zansen, A., Alanen, T., Al-Ghezi, R., Erkkilä, J., Harjunpää, T., Heijala, M., Kallio, H. (2022). DigiTala Moodle plugin.


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