Corpus of Forest and Tundra Enets

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Metsä- ja tundraenetsin korpus


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The digital corpus of Forest and Tundra Enets has been created as a part of a documentation effort and contains examples of natural oral speech collected at the Tajmyr peninsula, Russia (everyday stories, traditional stories and tales, conversations, interviews, procedures/instructions). All texts are synchronized with audio (and for one third of the collection with video), transcribed in phonological transcription, translated into English and Russian, and glossed. The corpus contains modern recordings from the current generation of the Enets born in the 1940s–1960s and also digitized legacy recordings from the previous generation of their late parents born in the 1910s–1930s. A total number of 50 speakers are represented (36 speakers of Forest Enets and 14 speakers of Tundra Enets).

The corpus will be made available via the Language Bank of Finland.

The corpus was created by Olesya Khanina and Andrey Shluinsky (Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences).
The original legacy recordings were performed by linguists Kazimir Labanauskas, Eugen Helimski, Irina Sorokina, Darja Bolina, by a musicologist Oksana Dobzhanskaja, by a Forest Enets journalist of the local radio Nina Bolina, and by Forest Enets Viktor Pal’chin and his wife Marina Pal’china. The legacy recordings were digitized by Olesya Khanina and Andrey Shluinsky. The modern texts were recorded, transcribed, and translated by linguists Olesya Khanina and Andrey Shluinsky, with assistance of Maria Ovsjannikova, Natalia Stoynova, and Sergey Trubetskoy. The glossing of the corpus was realized by Olesya Khanina and Andrey Shluinsky.

The recording, transcription, and translation of the corpus was supported by the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project (London, SOAS). The glossing of the corpus was supported by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig, Germany).

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