Corpus of Contemporary American English - Kielipankki download version 2017H1

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Corpus of Contemporary American English - Kielipankin ladattava versio 2017H1


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The corpus is available in Kielipankki - the Language Bank of Finland for download.

The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) contains about 440 million words and 190 000 texts from the years 1990-2012. The corpus is evenly divided into spoken, fiction, magazine, newspaper, academic genres (~88 million words each).

License details: Researchers in the FIN-CLARIN member organizations can obtain access to the full data set by submitting an application and a research plan via Language Bank Rights, General terms and conditions: please see

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Nykyamerikanenglannin korpus COCA sisältää noin 440 miljoonaa sanetta ja 190 000 tekstiä vuosilta 1990-2012. Korpus on jaettu tekstilajin (puhuttu kieli, fiktio, aikakauslehdet, sanomalehdet, akateeminen genre) mukaan samankokoisiin osiin, joista kukin kattaa noin 88 miljoonaa sanetta.

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