Classics of English and American Literature in Finnish, Sentences and Paragraphs in the Original Order

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Englantilaisen ja amerikkalaisen kirjallisuuden klassikoita suomeksi, alkuperäisessä järjestyksessä olevat virkkeet ja kappaleet


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The resource is a sub-corpus of Classics of English and American Literature in Finnish (

The resource is available in Kielipankki - The Language Bank of Finland at and contains the following texts with sentences and paragraphs in the original order:

suomentanut Kersti Juva: Ylpeys ja ennakkoluulo, Teos, 2013 Alkuteos Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

suomentanut Kersti Juva: Washingtonin aukio, Otava, 2003 Alkuteos Henry James, Washington Square

suomentanut Kersti Juva: Kolea talo, Tammi, 2006 Alkuteos Charles Dickens, Bleak House

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09.01.2018 Tokenization has been fixed
- Part-of-speech-tagging has been added
- Korp shows more descriptive corpus descriptions, licence information and data URNs
- Some text attribute labels have been changed in Korp
- The data has the chapter number as a text attribute (and also volume number for Austen)
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