Christmas Gospel text-to-speech in four Uralic languages, Korp

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Jouluevankeliumi tekstistä puheeksi neljällä uralilaisella kielellä, Korp


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This resource is available via Korp in Kielipankki – the Language Bank of Finland.

This resource consists of .txt and .wav files in four languages pertaining to the Finnish Christmas Gospel verses Luke 2. 1–20
The four languages include Komi-Zyrian (kpv), Erzya (myv), Karelian (krl) and Olonets-Karelian (olo, aka Livvi), whose texts are all included
in the Parallel Biblical Verses for Uralic Studies (PaBiVUS) corpus (LUK.2.1–20).
The .wav files have been produced by Aleksei Ivanov, Niko Partanen and Jack Rueter, who have made use of the Facebook MMS
( with language support for hundreds of languages
While the Komi-Zyrian (kpv), Erzya (myv), Karelian (krl) are reported as having coverage for ASR, TTS and LID, Olonets-Karelian
(olo, aka Livvi) is not mentioned at all. The Olonets-Karelian .wav has been produced using the krl TTS, as both language forms use
writing systems with basically the same character to sound correlation.

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PaBiVUS-korpuksesta otettu jouluevankeliumi LUK.2.1–20 neljällä kielellä: komi-syrjääni (kpv), ersä (myv), karjala (krl), aunuksenkarjala eli livvinkarjala (olo) tekstimuodossa .txt on ajettu MMS:llä .wav muotoon: (kpv, myv, krl, krl:olo). Aunuksenkarjalan eli livvinkarjalan teksti on muutettu .wav-muotoon käyttämällä krl-mallia.

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