The Corpus of Border Karelia

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Rajakarjalan korpus



The Corpus of Border Karelia contains the audio recordings and transcripts of dialects spoken in the area of Border Karelia, where the very closely related varieties of eastern Finnish dialects and Karelian were in contact. The informants are evacuees who were mainly moved to eastern Finland after World War II.

The original interviews were recorded in the 1960s and the 1970s and transcribed at the University of Eastern Finland by various researchers using the Finno-Ugrian transcription system. The interviewees are elderly people who were born in the 1870s - 1910s.

The original material has been archived by the Institute for the Languages of Finland. During the FINKA project (funded by the Academy of Finland in 2011–2014), the transcripts were reviewed and reorganized into a machine-readable corpus that is compatible with modern research tools.

The written transcripts of the corpus will be made accessible through the Korp concordance tool ( The transcripts are also aligned with the corresponding audio files, and this subset will be made available through the LAT system (

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