Corpus of Finnish Magazines and Newspapers from the 1990s and 2000s, Downloadable Version 1

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1990- ja 2000-luvun suomalaisia aikakaus- ja sanomalehtiä -korpuksen ladattava versio 1



The resource, containing entire newspaper and magazine articles, has been made available in Kielipankki - the Language Bank of Finland at

Reference instructions: See Attribution Details under Documentation.

IMPORTANT: This corpus had been enlarged constantly with magazines and newspapers. Since November 2017 the corpus has self-contained versions for each update. This first version of the corpus is now defined as lehdet90ff-dl-v1. See Change log below for details.

License: (in Finnish:

Change log:

24.02.2017 The short name was changed from lehdet90-00-dl to lehdet90ff-dl.
30.11.2017 The short name was changed from lehdet90-dl to lehdet90ff-dl-v1
15.12.2017 README.txt and license.txt. files removed from all subcorpus download directories to main /v1/ directory.
20.12.2017 (Version) "1" added to corpus name

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